Visiting North Korea…

The last few weeks we’ve spent hanging out in our home country, United Kingdom where we were resting after very exhausting trip to one of the most terrible and cruel place of today – North Korea. The reason of our visit in this country was simple.

We wanted to learn a bit more about it’s history, see how all the things look like and get to know wether it’s true that there are still active concentration camps with people inside. What we’ve found there was much more cruel, much more terrifying and just much more then we expected. Indeed, in North Korea, there are still active concentration camps. Moreover the camps are extended all the time.

How we learned this? We talked to local people. This is not a secret there that every day innocent people are caught and put to the camps where forced to do superhuman efforts. Most of the people die in inhuman conditions, far away from their families. As the local people told us, the biggest camp covers about 80 square kilometres and it is really well guarded.

In North Korea during the Day Of Mao
In North Korea during the Day Of Mao

The most terrifying is that no-one knows how many people are pent-up in the camp. The last report comes from 1990 and says about 50 thousand prisoners. Since the camp is extended continuously, we may suspect that the amount of the prisoners grows up as well. This place we could compare to Nazi camps from the World War 2.

One of the biggest was located in Auschwitz, Poland. European countries are known for it’s respect towards history so today the camps are mostly museum and seamlessly you can take a tour to Auschwitz and spend there a few hours learning about horrible disasters that took place 70 years ago. But, how do we know about Korean concentration camps? Read more…